With everything happening on earth right now, one might be more inclined to look up at the stars and wonder if a better reality could be found above the clouds. Perhaps a universe filled with galactic structures and a climate where music metamorphoses into an energy indicator might be a more acceptable alternative to the things ravaging our planetary home. 

These themes of the vast vacuum of space are paramount in today’s premiere: ‘Influx’ by THY VEILS, a song taken from the upcoming musical journey “Next Forever.”

Lyrics about our own existence and outer realms are ever-so-present in THY VEILS‘ music, relying on affect and emotion just as much as they explore the immemorable joy of being complete and at home. Blending an array of musical styles from funk, and electronic dance, to synth wave, ‘Influx’ channels, more than any other songs, sonics that is the sui generis nature of music. 

‘Influx’ is a journey to the listener, as you will let go of the past and move toward a deeper understanding of the life force and your connection with the material world as you stumble toward inner peace. With seven studio albums, four live recordings, a DVD with non-narrative video essays, and countless live performances and video installations, THY VEILS is no stranger to tapping into the beats of the time. With ‘Influx,’ Daniel Dorobanțu & co. looks to funk-filled musical influences of the ’80s to make a modern statement, yet a call to unity and an invitation to a new togetherness.

Through ‘Influx,’ THY VEILS keeps asking us: What does your cosmic soul look like? And what does it feel like? The ethereally ameliorating song poses all of these questions, all the while providing the soundtrack to what the cosmic soul sounds like. Daniel Dorobanțu shares that ‘Influx’ is “about us all because it’s about our collective consciousness – what we all feel, desire, experience, dream, remember and envision.”

With this new song, THY VEILS have shown that they are masters of the sonic universe they’ve created, where you want to spend as much time as possible. For now, enjoy the premiere of ‘Influx’ exclusively on CVLTARTES.

Daniel Dorobantu – electronics, lyrics, production
Maria Hojda – vocal
Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. – bass
Attila Lukinich – mixing, mastering

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Photos: (c) Georgiana Feidi

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