Back in June, THE CASE promised us a three-song collaboration with Italian producer Enrico Tiberi. After ‘Throne’ and ‘Fever,’ the alternative rock band now premieres ‘After You,’ the final chapter of this collab.

Influenced by grunge and alt-rock, THE CASE‘s sound pallet has taken on many forms. First catching our attention back in 2012 with their profound messages and powerful songs, the band has since let loose a string of self-released singles that have spanned from indie to garage rock swagger.

We are excited to share the band’s newest song today exclusively. Despite the track’s somewhat dark tunes, THE CASE has made a piece of beautiful music out of it. ‘After you’ starts off soft and unassuming before picking up steam and blossoming into a bop you feel compelled to move around to.

Sonically, ‘After You’ leans on a magical rock tune that lets the vocals do the work, and the whole thing comes majestically together in a catchy melody that won’t soon leave your head. The track is evidently born from deeply personal experiences, but the resonant lyricism proves to be immediately accessible and effortlessly easy to connect with. That winning combination of authenticity and accessibility makes THE CASE such a uniquely exciting band.

‘After You’ is a rhapsody of ornate arrangements; there are dramatic guitars, grunge vocals, and cinematic romance. Adding a drop of melancholy to the song makes it seem like THE CASE carries a knife with the heart on its sleeves.

Paradoxically, THE CASE music feels freakish familiar yet ever-so-effervescently exciting. Moreover, the boys did their homework and soaked up everything they could working with Enrico Tiberi, which shows. The track builds and releases suspense in all the right places, as it is euphoric and hit-ready.

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Band photos: (c) Bianca Petrisor