The lively Alt-Rock quartet The Keystones returns with their new poppy breakup song, ‘Over It’ after being featured as a rising artist on Alt-Press. The song centers around attachment issues and how to navigate them post-breakup.

With their lead single ‘Miss Connection’ nearing 800,000 streams on Spotify and their follow-up hit 2010 at over 600,000, The Keystones are confident ‘Over It’ will also become a favorite track among fans. They wrote the song after their bassist Matt went through a rough breakup and moved out for the first time.

Matt notes:
I was feeling lonely, so as soon as anyone would give me attention, I’d sort of latch on and seek a relationship right away. That wasn’t healthy, and it was getting in the way of my life, so I sort of stepped away from it and decided to just focus on myself, write music, and hang with my friends. The song reflects that idea – diving into a relationship too soon and realizing that it just doesn’t feel right.

‘Over It’ was co-written and produced by Zach Jones, who helped the band explore a host of new sounds. Using a different approach, The Keystones incorporated slap bass into a modern rock setting for this song, resulting in a driving and percussive bassline the guitars doubled down on in many parts to give it a full locked-in feel. The addition of synth parts, vocal effects, and auxiliary percussion complemented those established elements vitalizing the song. 

Matt continues:
“It’s definitely a new style for us, but we had a blast making it, and it was a way for us to pay respect to bands like Don Broco and Vukovi who influence us but don’t necessarily fit into our standard sound.”

The Keystones are an Alternative Modern-Rock band based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Born in Waukesha, the very same place as the Electric Guitar, the members of this unique, out-of-the-box Rock group hail from the golden era of Grunge Guitar. An era full of Heavy Tones and Hypnotizing Garage Beats that dance between Brit-Indie-Rock and New-Age Modern Rock sounds.

They’re a far cry from the glitzy, indie pop groups that seem to fall out of the woodwork these days, and they’re okay with that. Why? Because their goal isn’t to find the glossiest sound. In fact, it’s much bigger than that: they want to make the town that created the guitar as we know it proud.

After playing iconic gigs such as The Rave and the Johnson Controls Stage at Summerfest, The Keystones plan to supercharge their momentum in 2022 with a year of songs for new and long-term fans alike.

Singles for future release include a hard rock track produced by renowned Nashville engineer Andrew Baylis (Jelly Roll, VRSTY, and Rich Lafleur) and a Grunge single created in collaboration with local producers. Then, the band will write, produce and release a 5-track EP in July featuring a host of new rock and alternative songs.

An August-September 2022 tour is currently being planned to promote the EP, with show dates and additional acts pending.

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Photos: (c) Kelley Curran