Born in 1988 in Odessa, Ukraine, Vyacheslav Onishchenko is a photographer and a doctor by profession. He first discovered his passion for photography in 2012 and since then he was published in Eye-photo Magazine, Stolenground, с41 Magazine, Fstop Magazine, Shadows and Light Magazine, Ayemag. From striking football series to black and white images and group shots of rockers, Vyacheslav’s personal style is melancholy refined, yet not constrained to one genre. His series are thought-provoking, and he’s never afraid to discuss themes as life, death, fight against drugs or loud and furious music. Vyacheslav aims to draw attention to the most powerful society’s problems, such as poverty, sickness or addiction. The beauty of Ukrainian artist is that a static moment is captured and frozen in time forever, and yet expressions and gestures can be translated into a language we all can relate to beyond the frame.

‘Medicine through my eyes’

I am a doctor and my life before working in the hospital was far from care giving. It was my first experience in medicine. Everything was so different from books. I saw sickness and suffering only in pictures in textbooks. Here it all surrounded me every day. It was necessary to help people and to make the right decisions. I realized that every action has consequences.

‘Live fast die young’

It is about the dark and stuffy room, loud music and furious energy.


Young people passionate about football, collective unconscious. About the loss of my own.

“Abstract fight”. The art against drugs

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine (1.1.2019) among 28,468,034 persons there were 471,279 infected persons who had used drugs, representing 1.11% of the total population. Of these, 333,717 people (70.81%) were infected with hepatitis B -23 687 persons (5.03%) infected with hepatitis C – 82 654 persons (17.54%) and 31 221 people (6.62%) were infected with tuberculosis. The deterioration of the state in the country is associated with many factors.

The way drugs are sold has changed. Recently, a method using so-called «bookmarks» has become widely popular. On the walls are written the addresses of stores where you can buy any narcotic substances.Telegram channels are used for this. Due to corruption, the police have almost no effect on these processes.

House residents paint over addresses themselves. It turns into abstract canvases… People far from art become abstract artists. People are close to Rothko’s paintings. The art against drugs.

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