“The Adventures of the Pink Pin” is the memoir of the famous private detective Ping Pinkerman, who, through his activities, made an invaluable contribution to solving the crimes of the last century. He has investigated such mysterious and complex cases as “In the brothels of Kat Mandu”, “Mimasaka – my love”, “The missing pants of Uryupinsk”, “Features of safe rest in Mui Ne”, “The smell of a body at the mouth of Apoku-Yakh” and many others that were beyond the power of ordinary detectives. He became famous for his unusual method of deduction “in and out”, which led to one hundred percent disclosure of crimes.

In the stories, he is usually confronted by the maniac and villain Isidra Delaviano, a mad scientist and owner of a network of evil dens around the world, who is hatching the idea of ​​squaring the globe.

Ping Pinkerman comes from a family of an ordinary collegiate registrar from Uryupinsk. At the age of 25, a young man goes to serve in the police, where he receives the position of a junior assistant to a quarterly overseer in the market. Pinkerman immediately showed his talents and demonstrated courage in capturing dangerous criminals. His career begins to develop at a breakneck speed. The huge number of cases solved also contributes to this.

Pinkerman is invited by well-known foreign detective agencies, which brings him worldwide fame. At this point, he becomes known as the Pink Pin, thanks to his versatile methods of solving crimes. Titles and awards are conferred with unnatural speed.

Pinkerman, to feed his famous deductive method, was very fond of eating carnal pasta.

Monsieur Pinkerman, using his method of interrogation, tried to find out what really happened after the rally at the Michelson plant. Fanny, exposed to the painful pressure by the detective, continued to stubbornly remain silent.

Despite the global panic, Monsieur Pinkerman, thanks to his unique method of deduction, managed to create a universal means of protection against coronavirus.

‘The mystery of the abandoned boarding house.’

In the process of creating his own unique method of deduction, “in and out” our main character often referred to the works of S.N. Bernstein on the topic of extracting a polynomial.

Pink Pin was very fond of Blue Frau milk tea.

Pinkerman decides on a cunning plan and sends a charming assistant Marisol to the lair of his enemy, in order to seduce him and declassify the next insidious plans of Isidra Delaviano. To everyone’s amazement, the villain’s relationship with the legendary Count Otto Dracula is revealed.

At this point, Pinkerman becomes “Pink Pin” for his versatile methods of solving crimes. He is famous for his unusual method of “in and out” deduction, which led to one hundred percent solving of crimes.