With a history-making win at the Grammys for “Unholy,” Sam Smith unveils the lyric video for their new song, “Lose You.” And just as the singer pushed boundaries with the latest Grammys performance, they eschewed traditional production methods when creating the lyric video, choosing to put it all together with the new Apple iPad Pro.

Sam Smith choose Romanian illustrator Loreta Isac to help create the “Lose You.” Lorena created a lyric video that would excellently match the poignant feel of the track, which the singer describes as their “Kylie meets George Michael meets Abba moment.” The lyrics appear on screen like handwritten diary entries, mirroring the profoundly personal words Smith sings in the song.

Lorena used the new iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, starting with freestyle sketches that expressed the mood of the new track before finishing the images in the Procreate app. Lorena says on her Instagram, “The lyrics feel like an ode to someone ready to do what’s right for love. So the visual story is a dance between reality and imagination.”

Previous artists in the iPad series include Zedd and Maren Morris, whose video for “Made You Say” was created with rotoscope animation (a method of drawing over live-action film) done entirely on an iPad.

Illustration and animation by Loreta Isac.
Commissioned by Apple.
Entirely made on iPad Pro with apps from the App Store.

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