Musician, producer, and songwriter Alira Mun premieres ‘Vis Lucid,’ the perfect song for the rowdiness of a summery music festival or the serenity of a high-intensity workout at the gym. The Romanian artist cleverly uses field recordings with a memorable lead synth line that will stay in your head for days. The result is a track that feels energetic and nostalgic, grabbing you from the first beat and not letting you go.

Although the track is a high-energy dance floor anthem with a driving bassline, a sense of darkness and danger lurks beneath the surface, giving the piece an added edge. Alira reckons that the track “started from a recurring dream from my childhood. It was a dream in which I was falling endlessly, from a cliff, into the void, without ever touching the ground”.

It is no wonder that Alira Mun has created a real standout with ‘Vis Lucid,’ which is sure to be a hit with festival-goers and clubbers alike. For the music video, Alira teamed up with Maria Blaga, and you immediately feel the heart-wrenching pain she has been going through during every pounding second of the song.

About her collaboration with Maria Blaga, Alira says, “My first contact with Maria’s art was on Instagram. I admired her vulnerability, sensibility, and attention to unassuming details. One year later, I had the chance to meet her, and then I was sure we were compatible and resonated on many artistic planes.

On our first meeting, I invited her to collaborate on the ‘Eclipsa’ video, and the result was delightful. We became close friends and decided to continue our collaboration because we worked so well together. We produced a second video and planned to do more.”

‘Vis Lucid’ video & music credits:

Alira Mun – music, vocal, lyrics, production, video direction
Attila Lukinich – mixing, mastering
Maria Blaga – camera, video direction, editing, cinematography

Starring: Alira Mun, Clara Bauer, Cezar Tarnu 

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Photos: (c) Maria Blaga

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