Edmond Szolcsik is a Romanian photographer based in Timisoara, Romania. He recently has taken photographs that encourage the audience to acknowledge and think about pollution, aiming to inspire people to change the way they think about environment and make for a positive change. The striking images in the project combine haute couture, and staged scenes of pollution. Edmond used materials such as forks, tubes or textiles.

Photography is an escape from reality, a process of relaxation and meditation. Of course, I didn’t always felt this way, because I often felt compelled to get photographic results even though I couldn’t find inspiration. But this time was different. When the project first appeared I knew I had to choose a theme that bothers us all, because we see it and feel it on our skin. It is pollution! – Edmond

With this series not only did I understood the concept of pollution, but I realized how much we are actually polluting this planet; and this reopened my interest for photography. I enjoyed documenting, making and recycling waste to create clothes and jewelry/accessories. I learned how much it means to recycle and to respect nature by simply not throwing garbage in the wrong places and trying to take more care of the environment surrounding us. For the series I was inspired by Andrew LaSane and Markus Aspegren, they bring pollution to a different visual level. – Edmond

Make-up: Iasmina Ioana (P.Ias)

Models: Adrian Stan | Oana Sol |Iasmina Ioana

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