Cultartes TV is a simple YouTube-based online streaming channel, hosted by a free platform, created strictly to promote video material submitted by our readers or to-be-featured artists.

People can send teasers or trailers of their new projects, short-films, music-videos, interviews, experimental or amateur videos, event videos. As long as they’re recent and fit our “unconventional” view on culture they go straight to the playlist. We’d like to keep it as more diverse as possible, and that’s why we also fit in personal recommendations. Basically, we want to promote culture and artists through more than texts and shares.


A while ago we tried (and partially failed) to start a weekly coverage on the most recent, unconventional local (Romania-based) videos at the time. The series was called NURV (Newest Unconventional Romanian Videos) and it lasted for about a month. Then it succumbed to oblivion (it took a lot of time to make the compilations, the research itself was taking even more, and at the end, no one really cared).


If you’re a curious visitor, I got few tricks to make your Cultartes TV session more enjoyable:

  1. Click on Cultartes TV tab on the website
  2. Since you’re there, you see: no ads, no nothing; we always kept it that way
  3. The video starts and changes automatically; no clicking needed there
  4. Press F11 key; this way you won’t get distracted by browser bookmarks or whatnot
  5. Use the scroll button to get the player in the center of the screen; to avoid the header popping up (we don’t really know what to do about that)
  6. If you prefer full-screen, just double-click on the video/player
  7. If videos keep repeating or already seen them (the playlist is limited) just click the pink button above the player to refresh

If you wanna get your video featured on “Cultflix”, we got some for you, too:

  1. Submit YouTube links only, or files, via e-mail (we have no remorse on downloading your video hosted by other websites – such as Vimeo or Facebook – and then reposting it as ours, but we try to avoid copyright issues)
  2. Keep it artsy and classy

If you have any suggestions to improve Cultartes TV, by all means, we’re here to hear them. We’re not professionals and the so-called channel is still in experimental phase, so keep your expectations low. Any other feedback on the idea would also be much appreciated. Is it useful? Is it interesting? Is it redundant? Let us know!

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Romanian self-taught writer, based in Cyprus, interested in contemporary art, unconventional culture and gonzo journalism. Writing for almost a decade, he is agnostic, supports a censorship-free society and reads way less than he wants.