Portuguese psych-doom metal occultists Lord of Confusion have just shared a new song off their debut album “Evil Mystery”, which is set for release on September 30th via Gruesome Records in cooperation with Morbid and Miserable Records.

Greatly influenced by classic horror movies and tales of the supernatural and the occult, Lord of Confusion debuted in 2019 with a self-released EP titled “Burnin’ Valley”, which garnered positive reviews and gave them the opportunity to play all over Portugal. 

“Evil Mystery”, is the band’s first full-length album and it takes Lord Of Confusion to a whole new level of intensity and maturity, thanks to all the experience they got along the way and a lot of hard work put into developing and delivering their new release.

A hell of a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and thought has clearly gone into the creation of “Evil Mystery” and that’s pretty evident throughout these six new tracks.

With improved songwriting skills and proper production, the album doesn’t merely rehash that classic doom meets hammer movies formula, it shows a genuinely creepy and chilling atmosphere created by psychedelia-tinged doom riffs, pounding ritualistic beats, and the haunting voice of Carlota Sousa.

Pre-orders are now available at this location

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