Exuberant, quirky, and brilliant, psychedelic magicians GONDHAWA bring to life uncommon and unique musical colors. Their boundless rock picks from the best of African, Oriental, and even fictive cultures! Supported by British psychedelic record label Stolen Body Records (Slift, Karkara, Wyatt E.), the French trio announce the release of their new EP “Mäanthagorī” on November 25th, 2022.

Angers-based psych-prog three-piece GONDHAWA are an eclectic sonic tumult that ignores geographical and genre limitations. Their imagination ends where the impossible begins! Straddling the line between psychedelic and progressive rock, they write songs in their very own language: Gondhawii. Lulled by science-fiction literature, Gondhawa’s luminous and high-spirited universe rubs shoulders with afrobeat, oriental rhythms, and the rock’n’roll frenzy.

GONDHAWA‘s new EP “Mäanthagorī” is a successful synthesis of revisited folk music and space rock. Hypnotic loops a la Moon Duo tickle with exuberant and futuristic ethnic elements. The two-track EP was recorded and mixed by Elliot & Stew at La Cuve studio (Angers, France) and mastered by Thibault Chaumont of Deviant Lab. Artwork by Léo Zedinn. The EP is coming out on November 25th, 2022 via Stolen Body Records at the following formats: vinyl and digital.

1. Go!Go! Sinay
2. Toko Mieko

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Band photo: (c)  Matthias Eyer