Day: October 20, 2022

Instrumental Post-Rockers WE STOOD LIKE KINGS Announce New Album “Away”

Piano-based instrumental post-rockers WE STOOD LIKE KINGS from Brussels announce their new album “Away” for November (vinyl out in early 2023) on Kapitän Platte. The album is a new soundtrack for the silent animation movie “Away” (2019) by the young Latvian director Gints Zilbalodis. WE STOOD LIKE KINGS have been around for over a decade […]

Offbeat Psych-Prog Trio GONDHAWA to Unveil Details on New EP “Mäanthagorī”

Exuberant, quirky, and brilliant, psychedelic magicians GONDHAWA bring to life uncommon and unique musical colors. Their boundless rock picks from the best of African, Oriental, and even fictive cultures! Supported by British psychedelic record label Stolen Body Records (Slift, Karkara, Wyatt E.), the French trio announce the release of their […]

Norwegian Garage Rockers NIX & THE NOTHINGS Release their Debut Album 

Apollon Records (Strange Horizon, Major Parkinson, Kryptograf, Slomosa, etc.) announces the release of the debut album from Bergen, Norway garage rockers Nix & The Nothings titled “Here Goes Nothing” for November 18, 2022. “Here Goes Nothing” is the debut album from Bergen, Norway garage rockers Nix & The Nothings. A homage to garage rock from […]

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