The moment you step into ‘Refused,’ a must-see photography exhibition by Belgian renowned photographer Marc T’Syen, expect a thrill for your senses. The exhibition is showing at Noeveren Boom, Belgium, and represents a body of work that is as conceptually rigorous as it is stylistically diverse.

Marc T. is an Antwerp-based photographer whose work is characterized by timeless narratives of women from the present, past, and future. While the subject here differs, ‘Refused’ accentuates a connection with nature offering a unique perspective highlighting the complexity and diversity of various objects. Be it depictions of bricks, the artist has approached the theme exploring and celebrating the genre of the still life either by observation, encounter, or arrangement.

Though the images are moments of perfection and stillness, we know that what is depicted is not the objects themselves, by the ephemeral nature and the passage of time.  

It’s about the violent uncontrolled transformation of a mineral into a beautiful, unexpected material that first formed precious clay under enormous geological pressure and at a later stage a man-invented process using fire to produce brick arises. The interplay of a controlled mechanical process and the inevitable errors such as result of human and technical manipulations, leads to the creation of this remarkable objects.


Where: Noeveren 261 – Noeveren Boom, Belgium

When: from May 30 to June 9, 2024

Photography: Marc T. / Now unlimiteD photography
Feodor Brodsky lithograph
Photo assistant: Nico Vromans
Post-production & Print: Samuele Mancini / Now unlimited photography / Mancini photography Italy.
All photos are printed and certified on Canson Infinity Arche 310 gr.
Framing: Sven Van Laer / Kunsthuis Framing

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