Romanian architect Dumitru Martiniuc and other notable architects, who specialize in residential architecture, interior design, and commercial interior, have taken their minimalist design to a grander scale with a home in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania, titled Carpat House. The famous designer’s contemporary take on the classic Romanian home design style is beautifully captured in this unique home, located amongst the lush forest.

A sleek exterior contrasts the dwelling significantly with its wild woodland surroundings, emulating the look of Shou Sugi Ban, a traditional Japanese method of charring the exterior cladding to waterproof it while producing a dark, charcoal-like color on the wooden walls. The minimalist interior provides a sense of calm from room to room, with functional furnishings and state-of-art appliances that help the residence embrace slow living.

The most incredible aspect of the Carpat House is discovered on entry because the entire structure was designed to fit around an impressive and expansive old tree in the center of the building, ideally bringing the external forestry inwards and rooting the house into the natural surroundings of modern-day Romania.

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