Lunt releases a cinematic electro-acoustic track, ‘The Inner Border,‘ a nearly 15-minutes piece filled with gravitas and hunger to stir emotions. Wrote in June 2020, ‘Inner Border’ uses soundscapes as metaphors for the travel that led the artist to Latvia. Anna Akhmatova’s poem, “A land not mine,” is read in Russian at the beginning of the track and in Latvian at the end. We at CVLTARTES are delighted to premiere the diaphanous, aching, stunning new project of the French, now Latvia-based artist Gilles Deles-Velins.

Not only does Deles contributes to the traditional instruments and ensemble, but he is also regarded as one of the key participants of electronic and digital electro-acoustic music. Expect more genre-twisting experimentation, hallucinatory soundscapes, and hypnotic rhythms, with an additional focus on drone elements.

Pre-order ‘ The Inner Border‘ on Bandcamp. It comes in Dolby 7.1 Channel original version.

About ‘The Inner Border,’ Deles said that “Originally, this piece was created to answer to a contest organized by GRM. The Jury allowed presenting an electro-acoustic piece in a multichannel format. With great pleasure, I went through this quite demanding process, mixing music in this format for the first time in my life, a surround system that serves the cinematic feeling. On my journey for the sound, I was to acquire a Nagar VI from Clovis Tisserand, who generously offered me to use some samples of his Stromboli’s beautiful sound take.

The Inner Border‘ also sees Lunt continue his exploration of states of consciousness. By exploring electro-acoustic spaces, microtonal harmonies, and composed and improvised structures, the artist creates an immersive sound that transcends notions of musical language, forms, drones, and other categories in music. Interested in constantly creating a transcultural collaboration combining different genres, Lunt never compromises or oversimplifies in order to be compatible with others, yet, he is in search of boundaryless spaces in music.

“Sound expects to be found to become music, lying there in an intuitive background,” Deles says. For him, sound has some kinship with the concept of pneuma in Stoician philosophy.

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