If you want artworks that haunt you, fuck with your brain and make you see the world with a paranoid eye, then, the work of Kart, a Romanian illustrator, will give you shivers for days. Find out more about him in the interview below,

Can you give us a bit info about your background?

I don’t think there is anything worthy of mention about my background, I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, and this is all that matters.

What tools or techniques can you share about your process? Is it all hand done or is there a computer involved?

It’s a mix of both traditional and digital techniques. I was exclusively working with graphite on paper until I got my first digital tablet, then I completely focused on learning how to draw digitally and I was never quite satisfied with it but right now I combine the two and I feel that it’s working great for me and I like both techniques equally.

It seems that you always create imaginary, dark worlds and that your illustrations are full of fantasy. But I wonder if you have a message that you want to tell through this or is it purely for people to enjoy and interpret as they see it?

It’s crucial that people see different things in my art, that they look at a drawing, take a moment from their busy days and think about something. I believe today’s world doesn’t encourage enough daydreaming. You must be grounded, productive and if you dare to adventure into your inner world it must be for a practical reason. I like to think my drawings are a good place to start. I trip as hell drawing and I put a lot of soul and thoughts into them but after I am done, they are free to be whatever.

How does it feel when you are drawing?

It feels like everything, it’s the reason to be, it’s therapeutic, it’s relieving from the burden of my thoughts, it’s intense in the best way possible. I would continue drawing on my deathbed. 

Do you ever dream about your characters?

My characters are born when I start drawing, I rarely think or dream about them beforehand. If it’s a series where I use the same personages than I must, but usually no.

How would you define your characters?

Tormented by their own inner hellish world. Everything fantastic in my drawings are manifestations of the mind. The demons, creatures, twisted realms. It all happens in the mind of the characters.

I’m curious to hear what inspires you?

The inner world of people that the outsiders don’t have access to. So, I uncover my characters in such a way I give the viewer access to that world. It’s the only thing they see. Also 90’s anime. I am deeply fascinated by some of them, like Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind or Evangelion. Anime in general weights a lot in my book but especially the old shows, they have a special something about them.

Do you listen to music when you draw? If so, what’s your favorite playlist?

I don’t listen to music that much. I struggle to find new songs. I am a more visually driven person. Like, you know how people describe listening to a good song? Goose bumps, uplifting mood, body synching to the melody? I usually experience that with visuals. My brain is intertwined with what I see, and I live the experience to the maximum. But if I do listen, it’s a mix of psychedelics, doom metal, 90’s synth pop and so on. I like the vibe they give me and I always accept new music recommendations.

What’s you next challenge?

Every tomorrow is a new challenge. Drawing more, taking better care of myself in the process. I tend to emerge myself too much in my world and art and I forget about other things. It’s a challenge to find balance when art is so important. 

Find Kart works on: Behance | Website | Instagram

All images: (c) Kart

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