Danish indie/art-pop act 4 Guys From The Future is back with the second single You I Want from new EP Arches, out in late October on danish boutique label PonyRec.

Mastermind Bjarke Porsmose comments: You I Want is a funky little gospel song I wrote shortly after Prince’s death. I had talked to a good friend about writing something in Prince’s spirit and You I Want came out then. Although it has become its own, I will not hide that it is a little kip with the hat for “le petit Prince“. The French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry‘s book “The Wind, the Sand and the Stars” has inspired the chorus text, while in the verses I ramble on about relationship issues and my attempts to fill the insatiable desire that arouses in me – obviously a desire for both redemption and decay “

4 Guys From The Future, which for a decade has established itself as an internationally recognized indie pop name, releases a new EP with songs created in a spirit where songwriter Bjarke Porsmose has forced himself free of expectations, prejudices and self-criticism. Arches will be released on 23.10.20.

When he was seven years old, Bjarke Porsmose started a band with two friends – they played covers of U2, Nirvana and The Beatles. They played hundreds of concerts, and when he turned 12, he appeared on DR TV’s talent show Out of the Closet, where Keld Heick and Mette Lisby, after two broadcasts, named him and his friends winners of the entire show.

Since then, music has been a basic condition for Bjarke, and he has had great success first with Lily Electric and from the 2010s with 4 Guys from the Future, which has become a recognized, innovative indie pop name in Denmark and France in particular.

For long periods, doubt and great nervousness have let mental shadows slide in over the belief in, and the willingness to let the music unfold more, which has made Bjarke withdraw from the concert stage and concentrate more on writing songs for others, Among other things, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

I have sought to channel my divided thoughts into other ways of working with songwriting. It has provided several perspectives, both on the concerns and the solutions. Sometimes you have to shut up and listen, sometimes you have to get over yourself, stop the self-destructive analyzes, get something created and run with it. This is how I feel again at the moment: run! But the conflict is real, and I know I’m not alone in today’s musical landscape.

The new EP Arches consists of songs where the doubt is put a little on the gate and the songs point playfully in each their artistic direction; 4 Guys From The Future simply sounds like a brand new band on Arches. Like arches, the songs form, simply and immediately, connecting points between Bjarke’s many talents as a songwriter and singer. 

Arches provides an insight into Bjarke’s joy at the songwriting’s engineering work and the songs are produced in a worry – free and ego-erasing collaboration with friend, producer and songwriter Rune Borup. Together they have sought the qualities of the effortless melodies and have found each other in an immediate play with a more popped expression than we have previously heard from 4 Guys From The Future.

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Cover photo: (c) Tobias Kildegaard Andersen

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