French post-rock collective Maudits have just shared a music video for a brand new song off the band’s forthcoming new EP “Angle Mort”, which is set for release on November 5th via Klonosphere Records. Titled ‘Epäselvä’ this new video was created by Dehn Sora (Treha Sektori and Throane).

Formed by current and former members of Throane, Ovtrenoir, and The Last Embrace, Maudits is a new instrumental post-rock and ambient-doom collective from France. 

Motivated by a cathartic need of liberation, Maudits released their self-titled debut album in 2020, which was met great critical acclaim, and now just a new months later they’re back a new five-track EP titled “Angle Mort”. The recording consists of two new compositions and three reworked, restructured, and rerecorded songs originally found on the first album.

With Henosis Studio taking care once again of the mixing and mastering, Maudits‘ vision was clear from the get-go. To create new material and reinterpret some old songs. These “said” old songs have been so altered that they could in fact be considered new ones. The whole recording is enriched with ambient and ethereal soundscapes with the cello of Raphaël Verguin adding a haunted vibe to the overall sound of Maudits.

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Cover photo: (c) Sylvain Doerler

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