Looking at the work of Romanian illustrator Andreea Dumuta is like opening a long-lost storage unit packed to the brim with objects, characters and memes. The amount of details in Andreea’s work encourages viewers to create their own stories through image association. I first ran into the illustrator’s work on Instagram, where she has almost 100k followers. Andreea Dumuta‘s work have clear lines, bright colors and imaginative compositions. Her illustrations are charming, carefully considered depictions of unpredictable narratives that include skulls, tigers, foxes or Romanian inspired-memes.

It is her complimentary colors and clear sketches that bring Andreea’s deconstructed stories to life. Her portfolio covers a wide range of subjects, illustrations based on her favorite movies, Romanian actual politic situation (illustration about Nicolae Robu, Vadim, Băsescu, even George Becali) or Covid 19.

Andreea started illustrating when she was in high school and works mostly digital, using a drawing tablet and programs as Wacom Intuos and Photoshop. When she works traditionally, she goes for watercolors or brush pens and Posca markers. She collaborated with a punk band from the USA and a brand beer from Timisoara.

I think one of my earliest influences was Audra Auclair. She is a quite well known artist in the Youtube/Instagram communities. Even though she focuses a lot on drawing human characters, while I prefer other subjects more, seeing her sketchbook tours really inspired my aesthetic. – Source

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All copyrights belong to Andreea Dumuta.

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