This is a gallery of the best visual artworks published (tagged) on our INSTAGRAM by artists we just simply adore. To get feature on our weekly ‘Best of’ article, make sure to follow CVLTARTES on Instagram and tag us in your photos.

Stefan Constantin

Read our interview with Stefan here and make sure to follow him on Instagram.

Model: Catty Ioana
Mpdel: Catty Ioana

Cristina Vâjâean (vaj_cristina)

We talked about Cristina on our first part of ‘Best Submissions on Instagram’. Here are some great new photos; oh, and don’t forget to follow her on: Instagram

Model: Naomi
Model: Naomi

Vio Darvas (shouldverun)

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Bianca Petrisor

Check out her exclusive series for CVLTARTES here. Follow her on: Instagram

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Cristian Sallai

Cristian Sallai is a nude & portrait photographer and an exclusive member of @artisticvigilante_magazine. Follow his work on Instagram (winks)

The order of the photographers is completely random. Follow CVLTARTES on Instagram here.

Cover photo: Left – Stefan Constantin / Right – Cristina Vâjâean

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