This is a gallery of the best visual artworks published (tagged) on our INSTAGRAM by artists we just simply adore. To get feature on our weekly ‘Best of’ article, make sure to follow CVLTARTES on Instagram and tag us in your photos.

Leonora (leonca_ph)

London based artist, Leonora loves to capture black and white photographs and through her fresh gaze and an eye for composition, she is able to create stunning shots with a sensual flavor. Follow Leonora on: Instagram

Vio Darvas (shouldverun)

Romanian photographer Vio Darvas excels at capturing stunning, intimate film shots. For her analog photography she uses pale colored backgrounds and stunning bright colored double-exposures to add personality to her portfolio. Vio uses a 35mm film camera. Follow her work on: Instagram

Ioana (iuanaioana)

Currently a student at UNArte in Bucharest, Romania, Ioana features lots of lush film grain and light leaks, and are full of personality and color. You can follow her on: Instagram

Nandor Nef (jnandor)

Oradea based photographer shoots on film. His instagram profile is a mix of nude, portraits and landscapes photography; collection of everyday moments if you like, but it is his passion for light or neon colors that remain stuck in your brain. Made on the pier of Oradea city, his photographs tell stories through his unique use of analog film. Follow him on: Instagram

Maria Dimian (mariasdimian)

A Romanian photographer and influencer, Maria Dimian started to first photograph in 2006. She affirms she loves both people and melancholy and that’s where the passion for photography first started. Poetic, ethereal and slightly melancholic, Timisoara based artist’s universe make the magic happens at each shot. Follow her work on: Instagram

Silvia Diaconescu (silvia.diaconescu)

Born in Bucharest and currently living in Dublin, Ireland, Silvia began timidly documenting the beauties of the ‘Emerald Island’ until she found herself in an intricacy of feelings that pushed her far and beyond. You only need to take a brief look at her Instagram profile or website to notice an elegance and lightness that returns in every shot. Follow Silvia here.

Cristina Vâjâean (vaj_cristina)

We had a chat with Cristina few months ago, and we know she explores the female side of sensuality through her provocative, yet sophisticated nude photography. On her style, she told CVLTARTES: ‘Intimate, authentic, moody. Intimate because it reveals a hidden, more personal side, in a cozy light. Authentic because each girl has her personality and the photographic concepts are based on the characteristics of each one. Moody because the colors are more unsaturated, in shades of brown, trying to express an emotion of safety, of closeness – is that feeling when your skin touches the skin of a loved one – you feel warmth, closeness, but also this moment reveal other desires.’ Follow Cristina on: Instagram

Alexandru Ivan (ivnraw)

Photographer, retoucher and videographer based in Bucharest, Alexandru’s work mostly features portrait and fashion photography that embody the personality and complexity of women. Follow him on: Instagram

The order of the photographers is completely random. Follow CVLTARTES on Instagram here.

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