In 2019, the Romanian Black/Gothic Metal band TENEBRES suffered a temporary halt after their lead guitarist and one of its founding members, Dorian Black, left the band due to work-related issues.

After more than 40 live appearances, one full-length album, and two official videos, the band parted ways with Dorian and focused on finding a new member.

Late in April, we talked with Demetrius Daine, the lead vocalist of TENEBRES, and he confirmed that the band was still active and working on new songs. Now, it is officially confirmed that the most recent change for the band comes with the addition of its latest member: Tudor Arhip (from the metal band Belzeduh), which will fill in the role of lead guitarist.

TENEBRES was formed in late 2015 and actively toured the country and beyond until 2018. Their first full-length album entitled “Pain Eternal” was released in 2017, after which the band released two visually rich videos for the song ‘Pain Eternal’ and ‘Cry in Serenity’.

Three live videos were also released, featuring a choir and quartet, where the band played cover songs such as ‘Our Wings are Burning’, from Virgin Black, and ‘My Hope, The Destroyer’, from My Dying Bride, at the Rock’n’Iasi Festival.

TENEBRES distinctively mark their sound through the use of cello and alternating between clean and harsh vocals. Their last major gig occurred at the Metal Gates Festival, performing along with artists such as Shining, Doomas, and Vulture Industries, among others. As Demetrius stated in our interview mentioned earlier, TENEBRES will come back with a completely different take on their sound.

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