Alira Mun recently released a new song called ‘Univers‘, her first song in Romanian language. You can tell just with one look that she is one of the most hardworking women in Romanian electronic music. She is constantly recording or writing, and she never cease to create something unique.

The artist subverts your expectations by changing her style from song-to-song, while maintaining her own distinct cohesive identity. Something so special about this track is the electronic beat, which adds a deep level of mystery to the song, but it’s essential too because it explores important, cosmic themes, while also making you want to dance.

The electronic elements in this song alone are enough to make you wonder about the process of creating art. But when Alira starts to sing, her voice creates tension and emotion with every passing second. The end of the songs goes further into our consciousness, the musical line perfectly getting caught on our cranial nerves. An electrifying and captivating rendition, which leans on the industrial side of electronica with its hard-hitting low end.

It may seem Alira Mun is changing the future of electronic, pop music with her creativity and stunning use of electronic elements. While Alira’s performance with Thy Veils seems enlightened by a supreme force and manage to create astral connections with the listeners, her solo project with its airy production makes for a phantasmic listen.

Listen to ‘Univers‘ on Bandcamp.

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