Romanian pantam (handpan) performer and artist Nadayana and multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Petre Ionuțescu a.k.a. Trompetre, team up to create a momentum that reestablishes the connection between sound and time. Adding to the melodic steel percussion instrument, the handpan, today’s premiere single, ‘Dissolve’, introduces the trumpet, flavoring the music with a lingering resonance as both instruments give space for the overtone to flourish.

This collaboration represents the soundings of the planet, where their music is a diving experience in-between states of beings and emotions, where everything seems to be changing itself, repeating, decaying, and flourishing.

“‘Dissolve’ is a contemporary soundscape that transcends time, at the same time honoring the ancestral culture through musical instruments used for millennia in ceremonies and temples. The handpan is a mysterious and exotic appearance in the modern world, accompanied by Thai gongs.

The binder that dissolves them in the ether is the moody sound of the trumpet, a tribute to the air element in which all these vibrations dissolve, bringing us closer to the core of being, to the origins.”

Listening to Nadayana and Trompetre‘s release can be an overwhelming experience. One of the key defining factors in what makes their collaboration such a wonderful thing is the sheer scope of the sound, making the whole single massive in scale whilst allowing the smallest of details and feels to make their presence known. Overall, ‘Dissolve’ is an all-consuming listen that balances the multitude of emotions that the music and video portray.

You are given a work that matches the beauty, sheer grace, happiness, and melancholy that all run through Nadayana and Trompetre’s music, demanding that we stop what we are doing and absorb each and every sound.

The most important thing in the creative process is to let things flow, and all will be fine.

“It was a special experience to film this song. It was between the pandemic and the start of the Ukrainian war. The term “song” is somewhat inappropriate because we didn’t prepare anything before. We came to the studio thinking we would record a material we worked on for some days.

After a few takes, we took a breath, and in the last minutes that we had the space at our disposal, we thought of recording something else, anything that would come. The first attempt, and that’s all. The story came out of nowhere and dissolved into space, so we realized that it sounded better than what we had initially prepared.

This is another proof for us that the most important thing in the creative process is to let things flow, and all will be fine.”

Nadayana started his journey with handspans in 2010. Since 2016 he has been one of the leading acts in handpan culture, with a robust online presence and memorable live performances. Soon after the release of the first official video, while on tour for the “Nine” album, the second video ‘With You’, was launched, gaining popularity across the globe with over 2 million views on YouTube.

On the other hand, Petre Ionuțescu a.k.a. Trompetre is the founding member of Funky Growl and Blazzaj, but of the Romanian Brass Society association too. In 2016, Petre Ionuțescu released “Maria Radna Live” under the name of Trompetre.

Later on, he collaborated with Daniel Dorobanțu to release “Cartea de Piatră” and the vinyl “Alive at Gărâna Jazz Festival”, perfectly combining ambient, modern classical, and jazz. Petre Ionuțescu was named trumpeter of the year in 2022 at the Timișoara Jazz Awards gala by the Banat Jazz Foundation.

Credits ‘Dissolve’:

Video production: Cristian Văduva
Live recording: Cristian Giurgev
Mix & master: Emil Gherasim and Alin Luculescu

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