The man who appreciates the power of this sartorial symbolism is Alexandru Floarea, a young Romanian designer showing an attraction to matter, always seeking new ways of expression through personal experiments with unconventional materials. Inspired by his shared desire to perfect the look of imperfection, Alexandru’s clothes are addressed for those interested in defining their own limits, unimpeded by the cultural restraints of gendered fashion.

This black palette draws attention back to the design, and to the person; it simply allows the wearer greater freedom to mix and to achieve the look that they feel suits them best. Alexandru’s style is timeless with the irreversible decline of the traditional values of elegance and seems inspired by Yamamoto and Kawakubo, designers that have contributed to the rise of Japanese fashion.

Alexandru is now the owner of Kikimra, ‘an independent studio that makes leather goods, handcrafted locally in small series or unique, creating practical and affordable products, but at the same time, with a well-defined design, which does not concede from an aesthetic point of view.’

Through materiality, composition, color, or structure, gives its projects, an aspect of exterior beauty and ugly in concept, expressiveness, originality, and an unrepeatable mark.

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