Loredana Bîtculescu is a Romanian travel photographer based in Bucharest, whose journey has practically just begun and you are more than welcomed to come aboard if you’re willing to. Apart from making a main goal of travelling and wanderlust, Loredana is also interested in capturing on camera the connection between people and the magic within.

“I love to capture the connection between people, the smiles, the emotions, the magic that is within all of us, mainly everything that makes us humans!”, she says on her website.

During her most recent expedition, she traveled to Africa, crossing countries like Rwanda and DR Congo, also known as Zaire. Together with her partner, the photographer had breakfast next to a volcano, got bitten by ants in the jungle, photographed monkeys and captured sunsets on the top of the world. Here’s a little excerpt from the travel journal:

“We got caught by rain and we arrived soaking wet to our accommodation. I also experienced jungle ant bites! It’s like stepping on a lego that crawls on you, gets in your underwear, under your armpits and burns! They are called Fire Ants for a reason! Horrible little creatures! Oh! And the noise in the jungle is incredible! I was expecting a quite walk in the forest, but it is a continuous noise around you, a beautiful and fascinating one”.

Wondering what else they did? Check the journey progress on Photravelust, Loredana’s photo-project.

All Photo Credits: Loredana Bîtculescu

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Romanian writer based in Cyprus. Co-founder CVLTARTES. Author of "Hailbringer: A Romanian Folktale"