The portfolio of photographer Bianca Paulescu has an impressive quality. Her celestial work has a particularly cinematic feel that is absorbed in bright color and light. In an interview for CVLTARTES, Bianca mentioned that ‘Red is dual, the philosophy is that it can be the sign of both danger and attraction. I want to evoke juxtaposing emotions within the audience, a sense of confusion and curiosity. I want to create a sensation, and I want my work to make the audience feel something.

Bianca was born and raised in Romania, which has influenced her photographic style since she first picked up a camera several years ago. After first experimenting with photography, she devoted herself to the craft. Her photography lies between real and surreal, focusing on portraiture and fashion photography. Her portraits depict her subjects with tenderness, while their faces and bodies perfectly merge with their surrounding environment. 

Now photographing Larrsia Danilov, Bianca’s eye-catching work is an excellent example of the cross-over between photography and art. Larrsia is a writer, illustrator, and photographer who celebrates timeless femininity through warm tones and soft lighting. 

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Model: Larrsia Danilov

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my suspiciously ‘Chinese eyes’.