Month: February 2018

(Movie Review) ‘The Ritual’ – A Fable of Sorrow and Redemption

I thought that if I was to start sharing my opinion on movies, at least I should do it with something I’m really into. What about Adam Nevill’s The Ritual? It’s got everything: cowardness, Norse mithology, dick measuring contest and redemption. The article is a huge spoiler, so, you’ve been […]

Watch: ‘Hunter’, by Late Sea. Directed by Andrey Alistratov & Hazuki Aikawa

Hunter, the latest music video of New York-based electronic indie-rock band Late Sea, is the final chapter of The Writer Trilogy, band’s debut EP, released in December 2017. The visual masterpiece follows two other pieces – Ring the Bells and Great White, and it premiered on January 18th (Spill Magazine). […]

Open Call for ‘Smoke X Mirrors’, Cultartes Magazine #5 Issue – March 2018

[:en] We accept projects, artworks and texts for our next issue – Smoke X Mirrors – that would be released this March. Check our previous issue here. You can submit via e-mail at (subject: submission for issue) or via our website submissions form (join also our Submissions group on […]

‘The Praised Tree’ – Revived Garbage Christmas-Trees, by Răzvan Dima

Răzvan Dima is a photographer based in Bucharest, Romania. His activity crawls around the idea of being the judgy witness, pointing his finger at the wrong-doings happening around him and deconstructing them through photography. “I like to be the quiet observer”, he says. I draw inspiration from the apparently ordinary […]

Seamless, Copious Oil Paintings of Ivan Alifan

Ivan Alifan Jdanov is a Russian-Canadian visual artist based in New York. His large scale oil voluptuous paintings are an ostentatious way of revealing addiction and broadness. Ivan’s mostly erotic chunky imagery naturalizes the modern gaze and decriminalizes sex in art. “These portraits are not an attempt to render physical […]

Watch: ‘Zenith’, by Golan. Directed by Anton Groves & Damian Groves

Golan’s music video for ‘Zenith’ (from Intro album, 2017) is stunningly put together, an ode to hard-work and the isolation needed to succeed. Starring Anda Butuc, the short-film was directed by Anton Groves and Damian Groves. Tudor Mircea was in charge with the cinematography. Golan is a Bucharest-based electronic band, […]

Insane Digital Selfies & Portraits by Zaharia Alexandru

Alexandru Zaharia is a Bucharest-based visual artist whose digital artworks are the reason this whole genre has been invented. Inspired by selfie-culture, favorite actors, hip-hop music and Romanian underground lifestyle, the artist manages to deliver trippy, eye-catching pieces. With a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and activating mainly from his home […]

Raw, Jaw-Clenching Conceptual Photography of Ștefan Șerbănescu

Conceptual artist Ștefan Șerbănescu pressed pause on paintbrush and charcoal, replacing graphics with graphic photography. His new, ongoing series of brilliant still life imagery mixes nudity with vegetal and animal elements, turning the restroom in an unexpected scene for a wave of stomach-twisting portraits and self-portraits. Nothing prepares the viewer […]

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