Flames are a phenomenon of light and heat generated by combustion, not a substance, but our sensory experience when we see a chemical reaction called combustion. People perceive the flame, a sensory experience as if it were an object, and sometimes feel life in it.

The flames are represented as a continuum of numerous fire particles. The interaction between the particles is calculated, and lines are drawn in relation to the behavior of the fire particles. The lines are “flattened” using what teamLab considers to be ultra subjective space.

The flames change shape due to a black absolute presence.

People can obtain the artwork “Universe of Fire Particles – Continuity” by having those who own it connect it with them. They can then connect the work with others. Then, the people they have connected it with can continue to connect it with others. People can also obtain “Universe of Fire Particles – Continuity” from specified artworks, such as the “Universe of Fire Particles Falling from the Sky” at teamLab Planets, and take it home with them.

You can connect this work anywhere in the world. When you launch the teamLab: FIRE smartphone application and approach a specific artwork or a fire held by another person, your smartphone will light up with flames. When you bring the flame close to another person’s teamLab: FIRE, the flame will connect. As you connect the flame you received with another person, and they connect that flame with someone else, the flame will spread all over the world.

The flames that are connected and spread, as well as the flames connected and spread by you, are displayed on the map in the app.

Light the Flame
When you launch this app and approach Universe of Fire Particles Falling from the Sky, your flame will ignite and you can take the artwork home with you.

Share the Flame
If you approach other people with the app, you can share your flame with them.

teamLab: FIRE app, HERE.

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