Romanian band THE CASE premieres a live performance in the dark room, “Live in Camera Obscura,” a unique experience that lets your mind wander while listening to some great music. Can you imagine sitting in the darkroom with no noise around you other than the instruments and vocals of a rock band? The live concert is a timeless, burning expression of desire, heartbreak, faith, and honesty, incredibly reflecting all the key aspects of love and domestic life.

This is more than a simple concert, but rather a combination of live music and immersive performance. While darkrooms use red lighting to let the photographer control light carefully so that light-sensitive photographic paper would not ruin the pictures during the developing process, THE CASE makes it possible to disconnect from the outside world and hear ourselves present. All the things that might distract you disappear in the darkroom, and it is just you and the music.

Moody red light drenches the band fans. Moreover, during this intimate performance in the darkroom, THE CASE goes through its catalog of emotionally resonant songs. You’ll hear on “Live in Camera Obscura” the band’s recent tracks ‘After You,’ ‘Throne,’ or ‘Fever.’

Timisoara-based band deals in emotion with every track they’ve released, and their live performance perfectly encapsulates what the project is all about – a fight with your inner self, an expression of beauty, and infatuation with the world so deep it hurts. The band’s lyricism is evidently born from deeply personal experiences, proving to be immediately accessible and effortlessly easy to connect with.

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