Thy Veils has released a new single ‘Upstream,’ which will appear on their forthcoming album “Next Forever.” Following the previous track, ‘Influx,’ the single is sonically crystalline, atmospheric, ambient, and hypnotic, featuring the voice of Alira Mun. Of the new song’s direction, frontman Daniel Dorobantu said, “Our upcoming album Next Forever is a paved path of inspiration, where every brick that brings us forth in this story is a microcosm of experience, visions, personal stories. And Upstream follows that glue itself, which binds each of these bricks together – inspiration.”

A cinematic, ethereal glow permeates Thy Veils‘ newest single ‘Upstream.’ A dreamscape full of warm sonic wonder, ‘Upstream’ captures the emotional excitement and physical surrender of being breathless. ‘Upstream‘ is a sonorously chanted vocal track with sounds and synths creating a beautifully organic background. The music quickly infiltrates the senses, creating a mood that makes the mind wonder.

What lies at the source of inspiration? To answer such a question, exploration goes beyond one’s limit. Whenever you think you have reached your limit, inspiration is a few steps beyond – at the spring of the cascade, where we transcend the self. It is at that point that the quest feels like a return home.

Daniel Dorobantu is a pioneer of the spatial audio, with experiments, audio, and light installations stretching back over the past two decades. He crafted these new recordings with three-dimensional sound in mind, following up the futuristic odyssey opened in “Neoradiant” and, at the same time, diverting from its path by bringing new rhythmic energy and a cosmic soul.

Daniel Dorobantu – electronics, keys, composer, lyrics, producer, visuals
Alira Mun – vocals, composer, lyrics
Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. – bass, backing vocals, composer
Petre Ionutescu – trumpet, composer
Attila Lukinich – mixing, mastering

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Cover photo: (c) Georgiana Feidi