We are happy to premiere The Case’s newest single, “Kings & Jesters”, a breathtaking track conveying powerful and modern messages. There is something penetrating about the accompanying video too, the obvious references to the current geopolitical situation being downright touching.

Even from the perspective of composition, the band is capable of breaking down the barriers we are used to and presenting a kind of post-rock with dizzying shoegaze passages that manage to disturb the sleepiest of souls.

There is a healthy dose of sincerity in every sound spectrum proposed by the Timisoara-based band, without artifices that obscure the public’s perception, fashionable messages, or false despair. And this is easily felt by people. As a result, The Case has become one of Romania’s most popular alternative bands. While “Kings & Jesters” marks a new direction for The Case, it does not completely break away from the sound identity the band has built over time, but it opens your imagination and inspires you, even as a simple music lover, to discover in depth this compositional vision.

The Case’s music, which is centered around grunge and alternative rock genres, dissolves in radiant complexity through this new stylistic approach to subtlety, leaving behind intense, penetrating post-rock, which then descends into inspiring fragments of shoegaze. “Kings & Jesters” is an explosion of beautiful sound, an assumed exploration which, in addition to bringing forth new creative universes for the band, also introduces the public to new meanings and paths of discovery through music.

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