Don Bonya Delivers Versatility on ‘Unchangeable’

Don Bonya is a London artist who has always been exposed to music. Growing up with Afrobeat and reggae vibes, he has now created his music career full of incredible music. He has undoubtedly established himself as a major force in Afro-music, being able to display versatility, precision, and sincerity […]

GROSSO GADGETOO & PINK ROOM Release New Dark Industrial/Noise Rap EP ‘Woke’ w/ ODDATEEE

‘Woke‘ is a collaborative work between Grosso Gadgetto, Pink Room & Oddateee. This 5 track EP started as a one-hour improvisation session between Pink Room & Grosso Gadgetto somewhere between the 1st and the 2nd French confinement. On one side, Pink Room with her modular synth, and on the other, Grosso Gadgetto with a virtual synthesizer. This resulted in […]

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