The Romanian surreal digital painter Diana Cumpăratu, currently known as Dawn Elenor, is passionate about generating revelatory moments that hang into the unknown, playing around with your subconscious. She conjures up gloomy scenarios that address the fragility of the human condition, as her on-going ‘MOJOS‘ project short’s description suggests: ‘Bottled and expired flavors of human nature.’

The 23-year-old emerging figurative artist is from Neamt, Romania. She graduated in 2019 from the University of Visual Arts & Design “George Enescu” from Iasi and she is currently working in the freelancing industry as a graphic designer.

‘MOJOS‘  is based on nightlife, trauma, pleasure, pain, gluttony, addiction, fear, and control all expressed through a dream-like state. Diana told us that she is ‘ interpreting the story from a raw, dualist approach because we always have to lose something in exchange for a little pleasure.’

I express my artistic visions through traditional and digital drawing, painting, and photography in expressionist and surrealist styles with darkish/noir auras. My main inspiration and reference is the work of Gaspar Noé. 

All copyrights reserved: Diana Cumpanatu

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my suspiciously ‘Chinese eyes’.