If you have been wondering what to listen to lately or perused social media looking for a band that would restore faith in post-punk, looks no further than Silent Runners.

Silent Runners (Amsterdam, NL) will release their new album “Statues & Ornaments” on June 3rd via Cold Transmission Music. The band has made a name for themselves on stage with energetic, compelling, yet strangely hypnotizing shows.

Joining the inspirational dots between 80s UK post-punk, darkwave, and goth (I might add), the 11-track album features a captivating set of twisted and vibrant, sometimes reflective themes sprinkled with a compelling melodic touch that permeates all through the record.

“Statutes & Ornaments” insinuates The Cure hints of cathartic energy, igniting playful movements and bright yet goth synth obsessions. They’re enough to carry breathless nostalgic memories. The opening ‘No place in time’ emphasizes what the band has become known for, including an iconic mix of synths, guitars, and deep vocals.

Exploring ideas and ideologies we as a society put on a pedestal, the album continues with ‘My Ambition,’ and it feels like the band is setting new standards in the reals of post punk. The track is infused with effect-laden guitars and poignant melodic propulsion imbued with dreamlike melancholy.

The band’s third track, ‘Perfect Place to Hide,’ is a song about hiding from reality in the things we buy and consume. In addition, “the new single combines a deceptively cheerful first impression with a darker underlying theme, about advertising and an over-commercialized world where human interaction is reduced to monetary transactions and where some of us have turned into personified ads in influencer marketing.”

The imprint of voice and sound in ‘Decent People’ and ‘Human Capital’ results from the freshness of Silent Runners. The sparkly energy and angsty screams on ‘Human Capital’ morph the post-punk into an overwhelming trip of escapism. When screaming ‘no matter the cost,’ Silent Runners only adds further fuel to an already blazing fire.

Things seem to change when you reach ‘Nothing Stays the Same,’ as the song leaves you pleasantly trapped in a sad, nostalgic barren dessert of mind-bending bliss. The track is my favorite from “Statutes & Ornaments” because it seems fragile, sad, and dissonant while engulfing the decadence of a nostalgic reality that is increasingly impenetrable.

The next song that caught my attention to the fullest is ‘Go on,‘ as the exasperate vocals drop nostalgia into a painful reality of uneasiness. However, the band lights up our greyest days with the ‘shhh shhh on ‘My Truth.’

The ending track ‘The Great Divide’ perfectly balances the fantastic melody with the sometimes cold yet sensual vocalizations. Silent Runners delivers all their gripping post-punk, darkwave potential amidst edgy intriguing guitar riffs, post-punk bassline pulses, and driving rhythms. The sense of absolute balance and perfection everywhere within this track is a landmark of its kind.

Listening to “Statutes & Ornaments” repeatedly had me thinking that everything must have been done with great care, from lyrics to vocals and sound mechanics. “Statutes & Ornaments” is bliss, an album to wrap yourself in and make it your own.

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