Costina Purice refuses to conform to one style, instead moving nicely across photographic fields. From abstract to portraiture, many of her works are fashion-focused wrapped with beautiful shades of light. Bucharest based photographer mostly plays with colors and it feels like this nonconformist style creates new ways of understanding minimalist art. With every picture she succeeds to trigger a so named call to beauty; whether we are talking about portrait or fashion photography, we will find in her images the same dreamy, sensual tones and attention to light.

Drawing on the spark of lust, Costina uses for RAW series varied things such as cups of water, fruits and beauty accessories, to accentuate her detailed photographs, and we can’t get enough of her affinity for composition.

All copyrights: Costina Purice
Model: Simona Pandele
Accessories: Beatrixcolor

Find more of Costina on: Instagram | Behance

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Still can't tell exactly my origins because of my suspiciously ‘Chinese eyes’.