You know how sometimes you wake up, have your coffee, naked on the balcony, the cat is sitting next to you, and you feel like wandering through the desert when suddenly a cold breezy air kicks you pleasantly in the face with sounds and colors from a different dimension? No? Just me? This is how I felt listening to ‘Surf’ by Palma Hills.

From the 60s and 70s rock’n’roll to garage, and indie, the five-piece rock band Palma Hills wears their references on their sleeve and delivers an irresistible new song. If you are already conversant with these musical genres, there is much to like here. But if you aren’t, it hardly matters, as you won’t be disappointed.

Palma Hills’ music is characterized by a unique blend of the vast waves of modern-psy flowing from their instruments, atmospheric neo-soul, surf, and dream-pop vibes that make you shake your hips or lay back and sweat and zone out on a sandy beach. Crunchy, melodic garage riffs are central to this, giving it the edge that sticks you to the ground in their presence.

With no further ado, the newly released track is what I like to call a slowly boiled masterpiece, in the way of the long period it took to be gathered (I can only assume) and how gorgeously built it actually is. ‘Surf’ is available on all platforms, along with a brand new music video featuring a Gorillaz-like character. It seems like the song plunges listeners into an odyssey of summer nostalgia, guiding them through the breezy nights and dangerous pitfalls of entering the ocean’s waters.

Their track travels with pace on insistent guitars and vibrant yet quite distant vocals that float in the ether. Separately, the garage vocals curl their way through the song while the mesmerizing repeated chorus adds to the reverie. Perfect dream pop.

As the music builds, the guitars reverberate with a controlled yet fevered rhythm reminiscent of British rock’n’roll. Then, the song slows down a bit; the low hum of guitar and bass shares the apparent one purpose in mind –  to detoxify your spirit. As the music reaches its end, the coffee’s gone too, and the cat starts to play around; you can either go back inside and pulsate middle fingers to the air conditioner that doesn’t cool enough or go out on the beach and throw yourself in the turbulent waters.

Palma Hills is working on their second full-length album, which is due to be released in 2022.

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