The American Dream – Text and Photos by Mihaela Andreea Andrei

[:en] Romanians have always been fascinated by the land of promise aka America. It seems that in the 1900’s Romanians help building the ultimate skyscrapers in USA like The Empire State Building. After the 9/11 The Empire State Building remained a landmark of NYC and Manhattan. I always dreamed of […]

Lucky Girls Are The Ones Caught on Film Smiling – Eliot Michl

Eliot Michl is an American poet and visual artist born and raised in Northern Missouri, with a keen passion for epistolary communication. But more than anything, she is a traveler who filters her real-life experiences through the complex, yet so near at hand funnel of poetry and film. A habit […]

Alexandru Moga: From Viking Age to Voodoo Spirits

[:en] I’m following this dark, viking-like series for like the first time it actually appeared, waiting for the opportune moment to write something. There is a saying that tells that art is music for the eyes, and for good reason I can only think about Heilung’s music as a soundtrack […]

Truemantic: A Dark, Cinematic Combination of Electronic Music and Photography

[:en] I am very happy to describe Antonio‘s work every time I have the chance to. His observational skills and fascination with detail proved essential qualities for a photographer. Simply put, Truemantic is a solid combination of experimental, electronic music and photography. Still quite a powerful contrast between Toto Ronzulli‘s […]

Embody Through Storytelling or How To Gain Self-Awareness

[:en] This project I recently ran into has so much to say and all in favor for teaching, coaching and uncovering the artistry in people. Embody Through Storytelling helps you in one way or another to discover yourself and encourages you to tell your story. When we asked Ioana Cristina […]

Cold Lakeshore: The Newest Nostalgic Series by Sabina Costinel

[:en] Sabina Costinel (Sabina Costinel Imagery) is a Romanian photographer we write about every time we have the chance to. With each image, Sabina perfectly captures the emotion of that moment, either we refer to loneliness, desolation, or daily events. We come to understand that Sabina’s portfolio represents a diary […]

#Posted by: CVLTARTES’s Best Submissions (II)

[:en] We don’t forget our friends, and we always keep an eye on them. This is a gallery of best visual artworks published on Cultartes Magazine-Submission Group by artists we just simply adore. [:]

Redlight District by Antonio Paradiso (Exclusive)

I have more than one camera at home, let’s say that when I want to devote myself more carefully, I use a 1979 Giapponesina, a yashica fx3 super 2000, a completely mechanical camera. This speaks a lot about all those people who invest loads of money in photographic equipment without […]

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