Norwegian technical metal quartet Insense, today drops the third and final track from their new EP “The Soothing Torture B-Sides”, out tomorrow April 8th via Mas-Kina Records.

The new EP features left-over material from their classic 2006 album “The Soothing Torture”, and although these three songs did not make the final mix, they were strong enough to be rescued from oblivion and presented to their fans.

They are also tracks that bristle and resonate with the barbarous and chaotic intensity of an Insense live show, “Spawn of the Wicked” reveling in its brutality, and “Addicted to the Void” relishing the same senses and energy ravening aggression.

With “Modern Day Siren” casting its own particular toxic assault with the band’s ravenous and skilled dexterity, the EP epitomizes the band’s ear gripping and corroding prowess then and indeed now.

Emerging over two decades ago, Insense has grown and evolved their sound with creative hunger but an ability to ignite the senses whilst turning them inside out has been ever-present fertility they have fuelled their invention since day one. A potent reminder of that quality comes within the Norwegian’s new release, “The Soothing Torture B-Sides”.

It is fair to say that the release of the sophomore album “The Soothing Torture” in 2002 pretty much marked the moment that the band fully uncaged an inherent ferocity and extreme metal exploration in their technically agile and melodically compelling sound. It saw the birth and seeding of a reputation and voracious proposition which has increasingly drawn major plaudits across subsequent releases as it found fresher and greater invention culminating in their fifth and critically acclaimed 2014 album, “De:Evolution”.

From their early days, Insense were given comparisons to the likes of Machine Head, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Meshuggah but simultaneously stamped down their voracious individuality amid their predacious sound.

“The Soothing Torture” cemented that distinctiveness and prowess. At the time of its creation though there were tracks that seemingly did not fit the body and character of the extremely well-received release, songs that appeared at the time to be lacking something. Though cast aside, over time they have refused to be denied, nagging beasts demanding the band’s attention, each lying in wait to prove their worth and again pull upon the Oslo quartet’s imagination.

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