Nightstalker‘s name should be known by many, especially when we’re referring to a band formed somewhere in the ’80-’90s and had a serious impact on stoner music. But I don’t know if it’s such and this makes me quite sad. Formed in Greece by singer (and at the time drummer) Argy and made truly stable with the addition of bassist Andreas in 1992, Nightstalker managed to meld their heavy rock influences with funky rhythms and grungy melodies to create a whole new beast. With all these elements in place they released the first EP in 1994 entitled “SideFx.” With the release of their first full length album “USE” in 1996, the band established themselves and their own trademark brand of dark heavy sounds.

2000 saw a slight shuffle in membership as well as a new EP, “The Ritual,” which found Nightstalker treading further in to the realms of deepest, darkest Psychedelica. Line-up fully entrenched the ensuing pair of albums, 2004’s “Just A Burn” and 2009’s “Superfreak” garnered the band a new and loyal following across the world.

Nightstalker, because of their rich history and the area they come from, seem to be some mythical characters that were hidden by ancient gods just until now, to keep us entertained in these rather dark times.

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