We had the opportunity to interview Ilinca Straton about two years ago and once again the self-taught photographer uses her camera to say things that words cannot. It was yesterday when I saw this beautiful series O N F I L M: “about what she sees through her lens and leads her to cinema“.

These photos look like frozen frames out of movies, and since film making and photography go hand-in-hand, Ilinca just nailed this one. Already stated that her images combines cinematic mood and emotion, O N F I L M perfectly completes this dreamy, impeccable scenario. I don’t know if it’s about me and seeing these movies, but I guess I couldn’t have considered about a better association. Every detail, the tones and light increase the overall atmosphere. Other than being melancholic, this is a beautiful shot; this gives the photos a sense that they could be used as the real movie covers, that’s how outstanding and well-combined the images are.

I must say that photography is to me more like an extension to cinema, my greatest passion. I haven’t been directly influenced by photographers, although I appreciate and follow a lot of names from this field. Lars von Trier is one of my favorite directors and it influenced me a lot on how to see things, by opening new perspectives and maybe this is how I ended up creating a lot of my photos with a strange, confusing atmosphere. That’s how I like to think about it. (text taken from Cultartes interview)

All photos credits: Ilinca Straton

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