Maudits is a new instrumental post-progressive and ambient-doom collective from France being formed by the current and former members of Throane, The Last Embrace, and Ovtrenoir. In 2020 the band released their self-titled debut album and they recently returned with a new five-track EP called ‘’Angle Mort’’.

I am a sucker for atmospheric, post-progressive and with ‘’Angle Mort’’, the band yields a recording that feels like a product of these confusing times and strikes an eerie, melancholic vibe throughout. Maudits excels in creating atmospheric meditation on somewhat challenging and at places darker themes. Moreover, the band fires on all fields, displaying their creativity, skills, quirkiness, and performance throughout the entire EP.

Tying in elements of avant-garde and progressive rock, there is no doubt that ‘’Angle Mort’’ is a fearless act when it comes to the evolution of their sound. The first two songs – ‘Angle Mort’ and ‘Verdoemd’ – beautifully intertwine and create a delicate pressure by grabbing the listener and don’t let up for 15 minutes. When it comes to ‘Perdu d’avance’, the journey almost transforms to 90 degrees, revealing all the power that Maudits distills without feeling obliged to surge the decibels.  The song is a thrilling ride into the depths of post-progressive rock sounds, allowing a dissecting of each instrument.

Maudits’ vision was clear from the start; to create new material and reinterpret some old songs. The album is enriched with ambient and ethereal soundscapes with the cello of Raphaël Verguin adding a haunted vibe to the overall sound. ‘Resilience 2021’ is a rewrite of ‘Resilience’. While reinterpreting their old songs, the band is only getting stronger, more focused, and creative. Not only does ‘’Angle Mort’’ eclipse their well-received album, but it gives the band confidence to step into their own expansive identity and prove that the sky is the limit for their ambition.

The EP ends with ‘Epäselvä‘, featuring a delightful experimental finale where atmospheric influences make their appearance. The intro gets some Massive Attack vibes, taking the listener on an inspiring journey, reflected by the outstanding artwork on the cover.

”Angle Mort” allows you to explore other faces of Maudits, and there is no doubt that the band will continue its unwavering commitment to excellence.  The album challenges and soothers the listener, while elevating their musical proposition to new heights.

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Cover photo: William Lacalmontie

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