I can’t remember the last time I have listened to a Romanian song with such an enthusiasm. Timisoara-based project Kings are Overrated first caught my attention when my Cultartes colleague Baldo wrote a review for “The Same” song. Kings are Overrated is a synth, indie pop, new wave project, and has released five singles and the EP ‘Save The New Generation‘, which includes the ‘Dream‘ song.

Their newest song ‘Dream‘ is an immersive song for dreaming, as the title suggests, for shouting out the world and being alone with your thoughts. Listening to Kings are Overrated has always been a challenge, and you will find out their songs are actually perfect material for background music in the best possible way, ‘Dream‘ has a more than pleasant laidback atmosphere and the smooth female vocals at the end of the song manage to fill up a room. It’s the kind of band that’s better described not by what it’s doing, but for how it makes you feel.

When they sing “I’ve been dreaming of a scene, Like a movie“, you’re right there with them. Their music captures those fleeting feelings and memories into idyllic settings where they can endure complete. Kings are Overrated‘s ethereal atmospheres lovingly throw you back to that unfulfilled love story, to recalling a fond memory or a dream the morning after; the possibilities are so many, yet the feeling is the same. From nostalgia and longing to youth and romance lost to the past, the soundtrack is colored by indie music that can distract you from the melancholy.

Visually ‘Dream‘ is on the right track as well. The video features some stunning visuals filmed on the Valea Jiului and points out that life runs at extremely high speed, like a dream.

We are looking forward for the spring of 2020 as it will bring the band’s debut album and a series of concerts across the country. Stay tuned!

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