Italian sludgy doom-metal trio S.I.D. today shares a music video for the title track of their new EP “City of Chemistry”, which is set for release on October 14th via Gruesome Records in cooperation with SFA Records and V.A.N.G.A. Records.

Formed in 2019, S.I.D. is a doom-metal trio from Italy, whose sound can be described as a mix of swampy sludge-metal and heavy, corrosive doom. They self-released their very first full length in that same year, “Architects of Armageddon”, which was met with great critical acclaim.

Soon after, the world was shutting down due to the global pandemic, so during the first lockdowns they started writing and working on new material and in early 2021 they entered V.A.N.G.A. studio to record a new EP.

Titled “City of Chemistry”, this new EP sees S.I.D. delivering a monumental and haunting doom-metal throughout four new tracks. It’s a conceptual work mainly inspired by the book “Veleni di Stato” by Italian author and journalist Gianluca Di Feo.

It’s an agonizing journey not only in the areas of war but also where instruments of death have been developed, produced, and used. It talks about a powerful act of denunciation to governments and warmongering powers always ready to cover their crimes under blankets of mystery.

This is the second part of a trilogy (which started with the first album), inspired by grotesque and agony acts that war has brought and still brings to human life every day.

With hints of sludge, “City of Chemistry” is the perfect doomish soundtrack for the apocalypse, showcasing ultra-heavy riffs, deep guttural vocals, and a tight, incisive, and paced rhythm section. This is a co-release in 12” vinyl between SFA Records, Gruesome Records, and V.A.N.G.A. Records.

Pre-orders are now available at this location.

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