Karina (Kssph) is a Romanian photographer based in Timisoara, and we run into her work just recently on Instagram; and what better way to find out about her current artistic process, habits or techniques she has formed then interviewing her. Read more below:

Hello, Karina! Thank you for accepting our interview invitation. First thing off, please tell us a few things about yourself?

Hi! Thank you too for choosing me! My Name is Karina Sinatovici, aka KSSPH. I’m an 18 yr old artist based in Timişoara, Ro. I like to capture moments and souls.

How did you decide you were going to focus on photography and how did social media worked for you?

It was actually really random. It all happened 3 years ago when I made an Instagram account. I really wanted to have a visually appealing Instagram, so I started taking pictures of random things and landscapes. From there I went and took pictures of my closest friends and I realized that I like photographing people a lot more, so I started sharing them on my Instagram, a lot of people liked them but at that time as a new “photographer” I was insecure and I started comparing myself to other artists. In 2017 is when I think I decided that I want to continue more seriously with photography. When I saw that a lot more people were appreciating my work it was an amazing feeling. I wasn’t really expecting that, and I am so thankful that today I can inspire so many people with my work.

What does photography have to offer to you?

Photography always gives me a feeling that I can’t really compare with anything else. I find it so mesmerizing when I can put my vision and knowledge to good use and create something new. It’s actually the reason I chose photography as my full time preoccupation.

What inspires you? And is there an overall message you’d like your photos to convey?

I always get my inspiration from other artists and also from people around me. In my photos I usually try to capture the person’s essence so you can look at the photo and really see their personality. I think that’s what people love most about my portraits, the fact that the photos are so alike as a style yet so different.

What camera do you use?

I use a DSLR camera, Canon EOS 600D with the 18-55mm and the 55-250mm lens. I really want to experiment with a slr camera so stay tuned for that.

How do you choose your models? Are they close friends?

A lot of my models are my friends because I like having a connection with who I’m photographing. But I also like working with new people and discovering their different ideas. I am open to work with anyone that has an idea, so that we could create and come up with a new concept.

Does the conception come first or does the piece evolve naturally – do you have a clear idea of what it will be before you start to make it?

I usually have a general vibe in mind when I’m doing a photo shoot, not something really concrete. From there I just “go with the flow” and I also listen to how the model feels. Usually the most random pictures are the best.

Who are your favorites artists and how they influenced your work?

I have a lot of favorite artists, they change really frequently because there are so many amazing and talented people out there. As I said before, everything around inspires me, I get usually inspired by people and their lifestyle, how they think. Seeing the creative process and thoughts behind the work is so inspiring for me. I like seeing how other people live their life in the most creative way.

Have you thought of creating images to combine with literally works that you love? What would be the main subject?

Actually I didn’t think about that. I think it would be all about people. I would combine them with my favorite styles of art and probably it would include Paul Gauguin’s works.

If you were to exhibit in the most unconventional place, where “art has no rules”, where would this place be located?

I would love to exhibit somewhere in nature, like Iceland. It’s on my bucket list for now and I think my urban style would combine beautifully with the amazing landscapes there. I chose it because I associate nature with freedom and sometimes its good to escape from the crazy rules of the city.

Is there an ultimate goal for a photographer?

I think almost every photographer’s goal should be to make himself understood, to successfully put out stories and messages for the world to process and inspire them.

All images: (c) Kssph

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