This ground breaking project is presented by Santiago Ribeiro, Portuguese surrealist painter, dedicated to promoting Surrealism of the 21st century, through exhibitions presented over the last 8 years in various parts of the world. This time he takes with him the great and consecrated Portuguese surrealist artist Isabel Meyrelles as well as 21 artists from the art show Surrealism Now who represent and promote in Paris the largest surrealistic spectacle in the world in the 21st century that has been held in Portugal since 2010.

From May 24 to 26, an edition of the International Surrealism Now exhibition will be available to the public in Paris.

Art by Santiago Ribeiro

This initiative to be held at Art Shopping du Carrousel Louvre aims to promote and publicize the project that takes place in Portugal and which is its creator the artist of Coimbra, Santiago Ribeiro. and which began in 2010 organized by the Bissaya Barreto Foundation.
This show will be organized by Santiago Ribeiro and the artist from the municipality of Marinha Grande, Aquilino Ferreira.

Twice a year, the Art Shopping trade show at Carrousel du Louvre offers a selection of works to see and buy. More than 450 artists and galleries present their works of contemporary art where this time will also include International Surrealism Now with around 21 artists. They are (with the link to the profile on Facebook): Jay Garfinkle, USA, Santiago Ribeiro, Portugal, Isabel Meirelles, Portugal, Aquilino Ferreira, Portugal, Shala Rosa, USA, Dan Neamu, Romania, Efrat Cybulkiewicz,Venezuela / Colombia / Israel, Gabriele Esau, Germany, Roch Fautch, USA, Jay Paul Vonkoffler, USA, Mario Devcic,Croatia, Octavian Florescu, Romania / Canada, Daniel Cristian Chiriac, Romania, Domen Lo, Slovenia, Cătălin Precup,Romania, Maarten Vetart Vet, Netherlands, Chuang Chih Hui, Taiwan China, Genesis Cabrera,USA, Ofelia Hutul,Romania, Vu Huyen Thuong,Vietnam, Yuliya Patotskaya, Belarus and Henrietta Paulina Kozica,Sweden.

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