Meanwhile Project Ltd. has been making music together for more than 20 years and played together in alternative rock band Lunatic Skydance, which was active from the late 90s to mid-2000 and had a broad fan base. Marcell is also a member of the Cologne electropop duo Schmackes & Pinscher.

With Meanwhile Project Ltd., the duo combines their most personal musical preferences, how different they may be. Epic post-rock-crackers and folky singer-songwriter ballads meet dust-dry Americana songs and experimentally playful Indie-Rock. Influences from bands as diverse as dEUSMotorpsychothe Villagers or Calexico flash up here and there.

Taken from the latest album Marseille out now on Kapitän Platte, the duo shares a brand new video for the driving forward track Selina, right in time for their already sold-out show on September 11th.

Initially conceived as a short-lived solo project, Meanwhile Project Ltd. developed steadily from 2008 onwards. After some self-released releases, the digital release of The Judas Hole trilogy followed in 2012/2013, which included the first album The Judas Hole as well as two related EPs and was distributed by Dutch netlabel WM Recordings and the Cologne-based label Songpark. On the internet the release was a viral success and attracted a lot of positive attention.

In April 2020, after a somewhat longer break, the second album Marseille  will be released, this time also in physical form as a vinyl LP on the Bielefeld label Kapitan Platte. With the musical support of many guest musicians (among others the Cologne Subway Jazz Orchestra) and the renewed collaboration with the Austrian producer Hannes Jaeckl (AmpersandSans SecourKomplizen der Spielregeln), a grandiose and multi-layered album has been created, which is definitely suitable for the next head cinema show.

After Meanwhile Project Ltd. has performed live so far mainly as a singer-songwriter duo, there will be upcoming live shows in a full band line-up.

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