10-13 June, Bucharest:

The exhibition will take place at ROMAERO and presents a dedicated central piece – CORE – a Boeing 737 transformed into an immersive art installation.

RADAR (Romanian Artists Developing Alternative Realities) supports the Romanian new media art scene by bringing together creative studios and independent artists to showcase their digital projects and augment Romania’s Cultural & Creative Industries.

In 2019, the 1st exhibition gathered over 8.500 attendees and 50 artists and in 2020 we launched CORE, a Boeing 737 fuselage redesigned into a light & sound installation as a collaborative project by RADAR Team & 6 artists & technicians.

RADAR 2021 is a temporary exhibition that will shape as a video-mapping immersive art-show & interactive art installations that will carry attendees through a series of new media art projects.

Each tour, lasting two hours, was created according to all current safety measures.
The temporary exhibition is dedicated to everyone keen on augmented reality, video mapping, artificial intelligence, interactive installations, game art or sound design.

FLUX, the theme of RADAR #2, is a reference to the continuous interaction of our world’s elements and to the changes that appear when people, destinies, and contexts meet. FLUX is us, FLUX is how we relate to each other, FLUX is the motion of particles and information. FLUX is the space between us that we are continually shaping through what we say and feel about each other. FLUX sees the world as an organism that has been reshaping itself from the very start. A dynamic & fluid, but constantly more structured and stable world. And the public takes the main role because there’s no FLUX without each other’s feedback.

We’re planning to explore emotion through technology during the two hours that will carry us through:
ACT 1 – IMMERSE | Video mapping & sound design main scene, presented by UniCredit Bank
ACT 2 – LIFT-OFF | CORE – Light & sound generative installation integrated in a Boeing 737 fuselage, presented by UniCredit Bank
ACT 3 – FLYING DREAM | Neural immersive video experience – supercharged with AI creativity
ACT 4 – FLUX OF ENERGY | interactive projections.

Furthermore, the attendees will be able to enjoy a curated selection of new media art projects:

1. InFLUX – reunites independent new media artists & studios as well as projects developed during college years & master programs that offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and innovative approach to art & tech production.

2. Game Art – A showcase of how gaming & art reunite in projects presented by local renowned studios & as well as students part of the master programs dedicated to education in innovative creative technologies.

3. CoLaboratory Capsule – a temporary exhibition with the works created in the digital artist residence program launched by Goethe-Institut.
The works are signed by artists from Germany, Romania and the Republic of Moldova and are the result of an imagination exercise related to the changes that the artistic process has gone through in the last period.

4. RADAR KIDS – an immersive interactive space, reconstructing a fantasy world, dedicated to kids and a tour through the exhibition part of our educational programme presented by Lidl Romania.

Due to the current context and in the key with the event’s theme, the show is designed as a journey. Therefore, the access will be done only between the hours mentioned on the ticket and the visiting time will last up to two hours.
Please arrive with at least 30 minutes ahead of the visiting time to follow all the safety measures.

The access for each visitor will be allowed only after thermal screening (skin temperature check – contactless) and if it is below 37,3C. Wearing a face mask that covers both the nose and the mouth is mandatory throughout the visit as well as respecting the social distance measurements.

More details here: RADAR official event

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