12 January – 28 February 2021:
During this period, KÖNIG GALERIE will host the first solo exhibition by Chiharu Shiota, a large-scale installation in the nave of St. Agnes.

Born in Osaka, Japan, Chiharu Shiota, who has been based in Berlin for the last 20 years, explores human existence throughout various dimensions by creating an existence in the absence either in her large-scale thread installations that include a variety of common objects and external memorabilia or through her drawings, sculptures, photography, and videos.

Chiharu Shiota‘s spectacular installation in the Giardini at the 56th Venice Biennale has left an indelible mark, as one of the most impressive works at the event.

And, if we follow the presentation from the official website of the gallery, also, for this new installation, “I Hope …”, she has chosen boats as a starting point, derived from the idea of two hands cupped together to form a bowl, which wants to pass something on. But this time, rather than being actual, used boats, the artist has created her own vessels, metal constructions with lines like fragile skeletons resembling transparent bodies. And this time, rather than resting on solid ground, the bow of one of the boats is tilted upwards as though about to take off on an epic journey into the unknown, in pursuit of other vessels that have already set off. The present becomes a transition into an as-yet-undetermined future. Clearly, this journey into the unknown is a metaphor for the ups and downs of life – of a life whose trajectory we cannot know.

In a recent post on the official Facebook page, she declared that “for the installation “I hope…” at KÖNIG GALERIE, we have collected 6000 letters of people expressing their hopes for the future. We will continue collecting letters from all over the world, but I want to share some with you.”


NOTE: After the last events, Chiharu Shiota’s exhibition “I hope…“ at König Galerie will not be open to the public because of the lock-down regulations.

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