Átfordul – Live at Bükk‘ marks the return of Hungarian post-rock trio Tӧrzs, presenting their first material since they introduced themselves to the world in grand fashion with 2019’s majestic audio/visual experience “Tükӧr”.

For the uninitiated, Tӧrzs is the biggest instrumental post-rock band in Hungary. ‘Átfordul‘ is a prelude of things to come for the band but also a standalone musical and cinematic achievement of its own. To describe their music as dreamy can put different people on different paths of imagination. Some may go on the happy path of smiling thoughts, while others may think about the vast and ethereal expanses of the world. However, the band’s live performance at Bükk will grow immediately on you, regardless of what path you may follow.

In a statement, Törzs said: “We wanted to record the new song in an atmosphere we enjoy. We love to hike and hang out in the mountains and forests. We have already stayed and visited this exact spot and loved it. We are working on new tracks for our upcoming album; this track has been around already for a few months, we have played it already at live gigs, and we wanted to capture it. It has been 2.5 years since our last record Tükör came out 2019 autumn, it felt like we wanted to show ourselves again.

If we think of ‘Átfordul‘ as a preview of the band’s upcoming album, truth be told, it will be more than a worthy accessor to “Tükör“. But stylistically, not much has changed since their latest album, as Tӧrzs continues to deliver a dreamy, poetic yet melancholic atmosphere. From the very first notes of ‘Átfordul’, the tension rises as the camera pushes in toward the performance. When it eventually reaches and explores the stage set, we see a mature band who harmonize in unison with the forest. The Czechoslovakian wolfdog running in the woods only adds a little intensity to the live performance depicted in arresting black and white.

By perfectly integrating the nature within their video, the single itself follows a motif befitting the concept, with individual notes given room to grow and flourish as they ring out through the columns of trees. Once ‘Átfordul’ moves toward its crescendo, you are pulled closer as if you are about to join the band onstage in this peaceful setting. When Tӧrzs are on their game, the emotional tug-of-war leaves the listener exhausted in the best ways possible.

Recorded in the Bükk Mountains, ‘Átfordul‘ stands proudly as a definitive next step for the band and Máté Szombath, the video’s cinematographer. The entire experience – music and images – were recorded in a single take, with no cuts. Furthermore, what the listener hears is not a studio rendition but rather the direct audio from this session.

But above all else, ‘Átfordul‘ is an evocative release that will undoubtedly appease existing fans of the band and post-rock/shoegaze genre while attracting new ones too. As a result, there could be no other track or live video that could warm and offer us an alluring taste of what’s to come.

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